WATT j.d.o.o.
Director: Mark Ban
The headquarters of the company:  Put vodovoda 17, 21214 Kastel Kambelovac
IBAN: HR4624020061100921361
OIB: 30876130329
Court in Split, MBS: 060400319
Gsm: +385 (0) 91 5060057, +385 (0)99 6008154



The User is a physical or legal person who orders and pays the service of WATT j.d.o.o. (in further text: WATTOUR).

If the data entered to the data of the legal entity, then the User is considered to be a legal person, a physical person whose data were entered shall be considered by the authorized person. The person who orders and pays the service is considered as User.



The User gives permission to WATTOUR to keep your personal data for the record as well as in case of violation of the terms and conditions of the contracts when the data is retained until the end of the procedure. The contents of your personal data will not be shared with third-party and each unauthorized usage, publication, change, processing, reproduction, distribution, recording or assignment or any other form of unauthorized usage of such personal data is strictly prohibited.

By accepting the terms and conditions of renting User confirms the completeness and authenticity of the information given about themselves, their business acumen, authorization to use credit or debit cards, and that there are no known barriers him ordering a service or rent a vehicle.

A complaint in regard of processing of your personal data may be submitted by email:



Rental services are ordered direct by filling the document / contract.

Payment services can be made by cash, e-banking or a general payment and credit card payment. Services are available after payment received.



All payments will be made in HRK (Croatian Kuna).

In the case of payment e-banking or a general payment slip payment costs  or inter-bank transactions are not included in the price.



WATTOUR gives to the rental vehicle only under conditions determined by contract.

The User must possess the necessary knowledge and documents for handling the hired vehicle. If the User gives the vehicle to another person for handling he is still responsible in the case of an accident.

The User receives a vehicle to rent in good condition, fully equipped for driving with equipment and documents, any objections must be told during the handover.

The User is obliged to return the vehicle with equipment and relevant documents in time. In the case of a delay, the Leaseholder must pay the price to WATTOUR according to the valid pricelist of the actual used time.

The User is obligate: not to give a vehicle in the sublease, not to transport illicit number of persons, in case of e-scooters or kids’ electric cars rent – follow battery status indicator while driving. Damage to the engine due to negligence of User and arrival of the employees of WATTOUR. due to the discharge of the battery in the engine are not insured and go to the burden of the User. In case of damage, immediately notify the owner WATTOUR on phone number +385 91 5060057 or +385 99 6008154 . In case the User is non-compliant with these obligations, the WATT has the right to terminate the contract and keep the rent received/deposit.

In case of traffic accident or stealing of the vehicle, the Userr is obliged to call the police and to inform the WATTOUR on phone number +385 91 5060057 or +385 99 6008154.

All fines and liabilities (parking, traffic violations and the similar) ensued while using the lease are to be borne by the User. WATTOUR is not responsible for any possible consequences of not wearing the protective equipment!

The insurance does not cover the liability of the User or of the additional driver for damages perpetrated on purpose, under the influence of alcohol or ilegal drugs, without a valid driver’s license and under all other circumstances provided by insurace policies.The User is exclusively liable for the contracted vehicle.

In case of any damage on the vehicle, rent received/deposit will not be refunded, and in case the rental received/deposit is insufficient or is not paid at all, the User is obliged to pay for all the damage in the amount up to the full value of the vehicle. In case of damage, User is obliged to reimburse the amount of lost daily rent for non-use vehicles due to repair and pay the value of a minimum of 4 hours rent per a day to at current Price List.

In case when the User returned undamaged vehicle with documents as he has taken it over, after the expiry of the rental, deposit will be returned. Invoice/receipt/bill  is an integral part of the Lease agreement.

Kids e-car rental is allowed only in the presence of a parent or adult guardian who is solery responsibile for child injury and caused damage to the vehicle!


The vehicle is only leased under these Terms and Conditions.



WATTOUR has the right to unilaterally change the terms and conditions without notice.

At the time of concluding the contract, all services WATTOUR will enable per conditions in the contract and the current Price list.


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According to EU regulations, WATTOUR before saving cookies (cookies) must ask the consent of the user. By using the website User agrees to use cookies (cookies).

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